Sunny BioDiscovery, Inc.
Sunny BioDiscovery, Inc. is a biotech and contract research
laboratory specialized in the development of skin
and wound healing products.
  • One of the greatest opportunities of the recent years is the increasing
    understanding of the molecular mechanisms of human aging and age-
    associated diseases. Likewise, increasing insight is gained into the
    reparative processes occurring in human bodies, such as post-
    inflammatory skin regeneration and wound healing. It appears that these
    processes have several pathways in common, some of which converge
    in the  hypodermis - the least studied yet arguably the most fascinating
    layer of the skin.  At Sunny BioDiscovery, we believe that this makes
    subcutis a broad therapeutic target for the treatment of a vast array of
    conditions including auto-immune skin diseases, aged & diabetic skin
    and chronic wounds.

  • Although the concept of hypodermis support is in its infancy, the
    remedies targeting it have been unsuspectedly used for thousands of
    years by traditional healers, in the form of ill-defined herbal extracts and
    soups. Sunny BioDiscovery is leveraging its solid expertise in traditional-
    medicinal and basic biomedical fields, to identify and validate bioactive
    regenerative products (and derivatives thereof) from plants with proven
    therapeutical activity. Our interests reside in skin-associated adipose
    tissue support, senolysis and other mechanisms modulating skin aging,
    inflammation, angiogenesis, glycation, lipid metabolism, components of
    the extracellular matrix and the redox state to name a few.

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