Fast, reliable and inexpensive pre-clinical claim validation for cosmeceutical products before you start
spending heavily on clinical studies.

We specialize in custom tests and method development for:

* Scientific validation of bioactivity claims

* Testing of active materials for new bioactivities

* Development of new cosmetic claim concepts backed by scientific publications
(see "
Science" page)
Sunny BioDiscovery, Inc.

Intradermal, transdermal and trans stratum corneum permeation (Strat M and PAMPA models)

Over 30 standard tests for skin-relevant bioactivities
(eg. collagen and hyaluronic acid stimulation,
antioxidant activity, inhibition of MMPs, inflammation, Advenced Glycation Endproducts…)

Tests on Cell Cultures and Skin Substitutes (stratum corneum permeation, inhibition of senescence,
mitophagy, whitening, irritation…)

Transcriptome Analysis: PCR arrays and DNA microarrays (Anti-aging, anti-inflammation, skin
structure, wound healing, and more)

Phototoxicity, cell & skin viability, human dermal fibroblast & keratinocyte proliferation assays,
reporter assays for transcriptional regulation by retinoic acid nuclear receptors, PPARs and other
transcription factors.

HPLC, LC-MS, Fluorometry, TLC, Spectrophotometry, Chemoluminescence, Cell Imaging, Skin

Selected test examples:

Located among the orchards of Santa Paula (Ventura county, Southern CA), Sunny BioDiscovery, Inc. has been in the
Research & Development business for over 20 years and our science has been honored by several NIH grants, including
from the National Institute on Aging and National Cancer Institute.

We have worked with many publicly and privately held companies, enabling them to validate the bioactive potential of
their ingredients. You can entrust your materials to us for a fast, precise and professional service.

At Sunny BioDiscovery, your materials will be custom-tested under the supervision of an experienced PhD or MD
scientist, who will then prepare a written report and will be available for discussing the results over the phone.  We
guarantee the quality and the confidentiality of our services.

Potential for angiogenesis modulation (endothelial cell
growth) Test # 01

2 weeks
In vitro angiogenesis modulation (tube formation on matrigel
) Test # 02        

2-3 weeks
In vitro angiogenesis modulation (tridimensional tube
network) Test # 03

5-7 weeks
Collagen and other ECM component Production (by ELISA on
human dermal fibroblasts) Test # 04

2-4 weeks
Elastase Inhibition Test # 05
2-4 weeks
Fibroblast ProliferationTest # 06
2-4 weeks
Keratinocyte ProliferationTest # 07
2-4 weeks
Matrix Metalloproteinase (MMP) Inhibition Test # 08
2-4 weeks
Lipolysis on mouse and human adipocytes Test # 09A and 09B
2-4 weeks
Superoxide Desmutase Stimulation Test # 10
2-4 weeks
UV-induced Lipid Peroxidation Test # 11
2-4 weeks
3T3 NRU Phototoxicity Test #12
2 weeks
Mitochondrial Metabolism Test # 13
2-4 weeks
PCR array screen of expression of any genes of interest Test
# 14
4-6 weeks
Skin irritation on EpiDerm(TM) and ocular iritation on
EpiOcular(TM) Test#15A and 15B
2-4 weeks
Percutaneous absorption on EpiDerm(TM) Test #1 6
4-6 weeks
Effect on B16 melanoma, PANC-1 and MDA MD435 (breast)
cancer cell lines Test # 17
2 weeks
Tyrosinase Inhibition Test # 18
2-4 weeks
Melanocyte Pigmentation Test # 19
2-4 weeks
Anti-glycation (AGE) Test # 20
4 weeks
ORAC, DPPH, DCFH (anti-oxidant) Test # 21OR/DP/DC
1 week