Publications in Peer-reviewed Journals

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Other Publications

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Presentations & Invited Lectures

K Bojanowski and H Zhao: Importance of glycosylation for the activity of a new anticancer angiogenesis inhibitor SBD.1. Poster at Gordon Conference on
Carbohydrates, Tilton, 2001

K Bojanowski: Skin Care through the Protection of Dermal Microcirculation. Invited lecture at Personal Care Ingredients Technology Expo. New York, 2003

K Bojanowski: Product development for niche markets - in vitro validation approach. Invited lecture at Personal Care Ingredients  Technology Expo. New York, 2005

H Zhao, F Aria, V Sharma, A Alexeev, R Mortezaei and K Bojanowski: SBD.4 - A Modular Technology for the Development of Products for Skin,
Wounds and Periodontal Diseases. UCSF 2006 Life Science Innovation Competition Finals. San Francisco, 2006 (Presentation awarded People's Choice Award)

K Bojanowski: Hybrid Compounds: A Growing Trend in Cosmeceuticals. Strategic Research Institute's (SRI) 4th Annual Cosmeceuticals Conference. New York, 2007  

K Bojanowski: Non-clinical Testing of Cosmetic Actives for Special Needs and Aging Skin. ACCELERATING THE FUTURE. Ingredient & Technology Conference New
York, 2008.

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on Advanced Wound Care, Anaheim, 2010.

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Mark Kindy, William R. Swindell, Krzysztof Bojanowski, Paul Lupinacci, Robert Bowser, Raphael Nir, Tony Shum, Raymond Chau, Dorothy Ko. GM604 –An Endogenous
Multiple-Target Regulator that Provides a Novel Therapeutic Strategy for Treatment of ALS and Other Neurodegenerative Diseases. 28th National Symposium on
ALS/MND, Boston, 2017.

Krys Bojanowski. Improving Smile Line and Facial Regeneration through Bioadhesive Intraoral Films: The First Dental Office - Friendly Skin Care Cosmetic. 73rd Annual
Meeting of the Society of Cosmetic Chemists in New York, Dec. 2019.


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