Examples of Sunny BioDiscovery Products:

1. A clinically-tested, turn-key formulation for problem skin treatment (developed through a ten
years in-house R&D effort)  -
transferred to Skin Clinical Labs.

2. A line of botanical wound dressings developed with help of funding from the NIH National
Institute on Aging, pre-clinically and clinically tested.

3. Defined botanical isolates for skin rejuvenation and ulcer treatment.

4. “The Original Gummy Smile Aid™” for decreasing the appearance of Gummy Smile and Gummy
Teeth. This non-invasive, non-surgical bioadhesive system can be purchased by contacting Sunny
BioDiscovery, Inc. at 805 229 7580.

5. Ocean Cream: an effective anti-oxidant, skin protectant product for dry hand and feet,
presented in a beautiful natural clam shell.
Each shell is unique. A perfect ecological skin care gift.
Call 805 229 7580 to order.