Publications in peer-reviewed journals

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Other Publications

G Gillis, K Bojanowski, G Majewski, R Bohm: UpRegulex - Sericin peptides
from silk protein.
Cosmetic Science Technology, 30-33, 2009.

R Chaudhuri, K Bojanowski, F. Marchio: Le rétinol et les composés rétinol-
like en soins cutanés.
Expressions Cosmetiques, 227-233, 2010.

Presentations & Invited Lectures

K Bojanowski and H Zhao: Importance of glycosylation for the activity of a new
anticancer angiogenesis inhibitor SBD.1. Poster at Gordon
Conference on Carbohydrates, Tilton, 2001

K Bojanowski: Skin Care through the Protection of Dermal
Microcirculation. Invited lecture at Personal Care Ingredients
Technology Expo. New York, 2003

K Bojanowski: Product development for niche markets - in vitro validation
approach. Invited lecture at Personal Care Ingredients  Technology
Expo. New York, 2005

H Zhao, F Aria, V Sharma, A Alexeev, R Mortezaei and K Bojanowski: SBD.4 -
A Modular Technology for the Development of Products for Skin,
Wounds and Periodontal Diseases. UCSF 2006 Life Science Innovation
Competition Finals. San Francisco, 2006 (Presentation awarded People's
Choice Award)

K Bojanowski: Hybrid Compounds: A Growing Trend in Cosmeceuticals.
Strategic Research Institute's (SRI) 4th Annual Cosmeceuticals Conference.
New York, 2007  

K Bojanowski: Non-clinical Testing of Cosmetic Actives for Special Needs
and Aging Skin. ACCELERATING THE FUTURE. Ingredient & Technology
Conference New York, 2008.

K Bojanowski, J Deneau, OL Che, SMY Lee, F Vagnini and R Ramjit: SBD.4-
Based Wound Dressings: the “Green” Revolution in Chronic Ulcer
Management. Symposium on Advanced Wound Care, Anaheim, 2010.

K Gobis, H Foks, E Augustynowicz-Kopeć, and K Bojanowski. Synthesis and
tuberculostatic activity of novel 2-(2-cyclohexylethyl)-lH-benzo[ d]imidazoles.
Multidysciplinary Conference on Drug Research, Ossa, 2012.

BA Green, MS,BL. Edison, K Bojanowski; RL. Weinkauf. Antiaging bionic and
polyhydroxy acids reduce nonenzymatic protein glycation a
nd skin
Journal of American Academy of Dermay (JAAD) 70:5, Suppl. 1,
p. AB22.

R Chaudhuri, K Bojanowski. Cyclobutane Pyrimidine Dimers, NADPH
Oxidase and Peroxynitrite: How Are They All Interlinked? 29th IFSCC
Congress, Orlando, 2016

WR Swindell, K Bojanowski, M Kindy, T Shum, R Chau, D Ko. GM604 for
Parkinson's Disease treatment: Pre-clinical findings and results from a pilot
placebo-controlled trial. F1000Research 6:28 (doi: 10.7490/f1000research.
1113600. 1), 2017


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